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Burton Snowboards

Vice President Creative Marketing

Intuitive brand marketer at the helm of an iconic industry leader, overseeing multimillion-dollar marketing initiatives and the implementation of the global vision and direction of the brand. Rare ability to conceptualize, define, and enact product marketing programs and creative strategies that create community. Passionate about championing sustainable growth through global brand strategy, team and process development, digital marketing, creative problem solving, and collaborations.

The following sampling represents the strategy, ideation, direction, and/or design of the overall creative concept.

The Burton Stance

Presentation example

'Roadtrip' Qualifiers event collateral

'Winter Storm Warning' video

Burton x Red Wing

Brand book excerpts

Tradeshow booth design

'Out There' advertising

'Trail Map' presentation

'Outside Versatility' collateral

Video moodboard example

B2B Anon catalog

Website landing page

Burton x Carhartt

On-model product photography direction

Rider advertisements

'Durable Goods' web assets

'Mining' U•S•Open collateral

Introducing Step On™ video

Burton x Cheech & Chong

'Mountain' apparel photography

B2B catalog pages

Photo direction document

Anon advertising

Seasonal branding guidelines example

Various retail displays

DTC 'Durable Goods' catalog

B2B Anon catalog

'The Liftline' title graphics

Packaging specifications

Visual seasonal calender

'Trek' U•S•Open collateral

'Standing Sideways' advertisements

Burton x Danner

'Restricted' video

Go to market presentation

Internal brand positioning visuals

'Family Tree' advertisement

Anon advertising

Burton x Pacifico

Burton Girls collateral

Burton x Undefeated x Alpha Industries

'States' Qualifiers event collateral

Burton x Disney Frozen

Anon website layout

'Welcome to Burton' illustration

Burton x Steve Aoki

'Phoneline' Qualifiers event collateral

Living Lining™ video

Burton x L.A.M.B.

Burton x Married to the Mob

Olympic uniform packaging

'Textile' U•S•Open recap report

Digital snowboard finder

Jake Burton messaging

'Rail Days' course branding

'Slasher' Qualifiers event identity

Burton x Playboy

'Electric Light' U•S•Open collateral

Sales meeting identity

'Zurich Haus' concept

Step On™ - R&D Process video

Mine77 launch collateral

Kilroy x Analog

'Board of Health' snowboard


2020 sustainability goals

'Welcome to Winter' homepage

B2B softgoods catalog

Burton Girls x Married to the Mob

'Pit Crew' U•S•Open collateral

Headquarters tour signage

Various retail displays

Burton x Led Zeppelin

Burton x The Good Life

Archival wallpaper

NYC retail store mock-up

B2B catalog collateral

Introducing 'The Nug' video

Burton x L.A.M.B.

Sale art direction

Website icon navigation

Burton x Toyota

Burton x Blvck Scvle

Rider advertisements

Burton x BOA®

'13' video advertisement

Marketing 'Trail Map'

'Durable Goods' advertising

'Best in Snow' collateral

DTC 'Out There' catalog

Vermont store and tour ad

'BRTN' apparel photography

Burton Girls 'Get Down | Rise Up' video

[ak] signage

Living Lining™ hangtag

Burton x Filson

Step On™ manual

Seasonal website refresh

Burton x Neighborhood

DTC packaging mock-up

Product assortment photography

Burton x L.A.M.B.

'Thirteen' photography

bluesign® digital banner

DTC 'Built on Boards' mailer

Burton x Marvel

'Pit Crew' U•S•Open video

Seasonal advertising examples

'Hammock tech' signage

Mine77 photography

Kilroy...was here

B2B digital catalog

Burton x Phish

B2B hardgoods catalog

'Brighton Flannel' digital banner

'Cookbook' catalog

D2C catalog excerpts

Holiday wrapping paper

Collection preview evites

Digital sale banners

'B by Burton' advertisment

Various stickers

'BRTN' signage

'Stand With Us' video

'No Bad Trips' advertisement

Board graphic zine

Burton x Jeff Koons

Burton Girls advertisement

'13 Things' blog post

'Trail Map' visual

Step On® accordian catalog

Apparel photography examples

Mine77 advertisement

'Send It' signage

Screen Grab™ signage

'Outside Versatility' web assets

'Burton Presents: Rope Tow' video

Burton x G-Form™

Rider advertisements

Burton x Gore-Tex™

'The Good Book' advertisement

Terje Haakonsen advertisement

B2B apparel catalog

'Let It Ride' advertisement

'Built on Boards' advertisements

'Burden' snowboard

[ak] advertisement

Sustainability identity

Burton x Chris Nunez x Playboy

Apparel photography examples

B2B catalog pages

Burton x Bionic®

Mine77 video

Rider advertisments

Digital snowboard overview

'Process' apparel photography

'Pass Along' identity

1992 retro collection

Snowflake assortment

Packaging mock-up

'Peaks of Sustainability' overview

'Matterhorn' graphics

Apparel photography examples

'Me Nug' snowboard

'B by Burton' signage

Video moodboard example

Living Lining™ signage

2020 sustainability goals video

'Feed Your Head' advertisement

Holiday website design

Seasonal style guide examples

Anon 'A2' advertisement

Craig Kelly proto facility

U•S•Open recap report

Burton x Grateful Dead

Mine77 lookbook

'Smile | Bite' advertisement

B2B 'Durable Goods' catalog

'Who We Are' website

'Green Mountain Process' signage

'The Channel with EST' signage

'Trek' U•S•Open video

Rider advertisements

[ak] signage

Burton x L.A.M.B.

Apparel catalog excerpts

B2B bag catalog

'Warmth and Waterproofing' signage

Screen Grab™ signage

'The Good Book' catalog

Website category page

Burton x BOA®

Women's catalog

Gore-Tex™ glove signage

'Sweet Talker' snowboard

Youth photography

'Burton Presents: Teaser' video

'Burton Presents' advertisements

'Board Amazing' illustration

Logo usage outline

[ak] advertisement

Archival wallpaper

Various t-shirt graphics

'Standing Sideways' advertisement

Women's outerwear collages

'Sno-Land' assets

Bag signage

Apparel photography examples

Tradeshow displays

'Surround Yourself' advertisements

Burton x Ski-Doo

'The Stash' sticker sheet

'The B' movie assets

'Kilroy Crew' video

'Different Season Same Spirit' advertisements

'Think Twice' advertisement

'JLA Banked Slalom' poster

'5 Color Process' photography

'B by Burton' advertisment

'13 Things' icons

'Family Tree' display

Women's advertisements

Various stickers

'Descends On' poster

Snowboard 'bend' spectrum

'Fall Bash' invites

Mine77 retail fixture

'Back to School' digital banner

Website homepage layout

U•S•Open jacket

'Restricted' sticker sheet

Assorted birthday cards

'B Thirteen' icons

Bag illustrations

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